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Justin McRoberts

@justinmcroberts says no thing is small and unimportant. Not. One. Thing. He challenges us that whatever we choose to build with what we’ve been given is important. Holds gravity. It’s not that what we build is mean to last. It’s that we become someone different, stronger, kinder…other, as we contend and show up with the stuff that comes to us all.


Where do you start? Right where you are. Name it. Name what is. Don’t run. No need to pretend. If grief and sadness is there, sit with them. Justin teaches us that if we don’t give our feelings space and room, they will steal from other places. From our joy. Peace. Etc.


The grief will make its own room. So just go on a head and give it space. You’ll be glad that you did. His book is sure to be phenomenal! I know this. He’s a thought leader. He’ll help lead you to your best self. Oh, and I should tell you that yes its work. It always is. But who you are becoming during the good and the bad…that person is no small unimportant thing. That person makes a difference in this world of ours.




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