About The Cha Show


"The Cha Show" is a talk show featuring interviews that showcase the extraordinary lessons found in the everyday stories of ordinary people. In each episode, Cha's empathic spirit guides the conversation into a feel-good and mindful exchange. "The Cha Show" will leave people feeling inspired and amazed that they too are extraordinary while living their ordinary lives.

Our Host

Cha Barefield will be hosting "The Cha Show". Eloquent, piercing, and authentically curious and compassionate, Cha inspires people by helping them connect with and articulate their unspoken thoughts and feelings. Cha is an alchemist, artist, and poet, with a unique talent for revealing the wonder hidden in the seemingly ordinary lives of others.

Words of Praise About Cha

I’m hearing you, Cha. As always, eloquent and piercing. You are a vortex for truth, and an alchemist who turns it into bread we can swallow....
I'm anxiously waiting for the day when you will write a book and put all of these beautiful words in one place. Thank you for being able to put to words what we are/have/will be feeling at some point in our lives.
you are such an inspiration to me. Thank you!
Cha Sears-Barefield, you are an inspiration! I always stop and read the post when I see your name.
These words are a prayer to my raw heart.
Just wondering when you're running for President so I can vote for you.
Just wanted to say that I love your posts and I appreciate the thought and effort that goes into them
Thanks for this! I always love your posts. I needed the reminder that little things are powerful. Little things can have a big impact. Thanks!
I love your messages. You have such wisdom and strength. I am listening to you and thank you so much for sharing. We rise together!
You are a force for good in the world. Thank you for posting your daily thoughts. I really appreciate hearing them and thinking them over.

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